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First you have to download the M2M client and Net Framework from the webpage. You can reach the Net Framework and the M2M client here:
You have to install both of them. It is better if you put the M2M client to the rute of C: drive into one new M2M folder, and not to the desktop or not to another place, because the game is not start if one of the folders to the path has a(n) accent/dot (öüóőúéáű). Then, click on mt2mester.exe to start the adventure. When the game started, enter your username and password which you gave at registration. After that you can creat a character. There are 4 kinds of character at both sex (sura, ninja, shaman, warrior). There are 2 types at all character class. Choose one and give it a name that is not already in the game (small and capital letters matter)! Every account can contain maximum 4 characters. If you have a character, then log in and play. More information and help in the game!

More about the registration:
The is our official webpage! Start registration only from here that on the right side of welcome video and click on „Register Now“! From there you will be redirected to another page where you have to give the following data to the registration:
User name: It is not your caracter name, but your account name which will not appear anywhere, but you will need at the login! Choose one character name what can not be the same or simular as your account name!

  • Password: A word, which consist of 6-15 letters.
  • Password again: Your password again.
  • Full name: Add your real name, because maybe you need it later!
  • E-mail address: Choose that e-mail address what you use often.
  • Server: Here you can choose which server you want to play on!

Please, give every data accurately that there is not any problem at change e-mail address or other in the future. After click on “ Accept the terms of use” menu, if you already read it all. If you have a problem with something you can not say you did not read it because you accepted the rules.

If you want to go into the game, after start you have to enter to the server where you registered yourself! Server has more Channels (CH) which you can see next to the server name. Usually the most players are on CH1!

After this you can choose one Empire from the three: Jinno, Chunjo and Shinsoo. As even you do not have a character, you can create one here! You can be a man or a woman also and you can be Warrior, Shaman, Ninja or Sura, what ever you want, and you must choose a name of it as well. This is that name what the another players will see!

If you create a new character, it will start at level 1.


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