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General Information

  • Players can be classified into good and bad categories on the basis of ranks. You can see your rank poinst if you move the cursor on your name in the Caracter window. You can get rank points after monster killing, but it increases with the online time too if the character is fishing or is a shop. You can get double amount of rank points with Sage King Glow during monster killing or with Sage King Symbol for the fishing or shopping time.
  • The easiest way to lose rank point, when you take the PvP mode in "free" mode to kill players from own empire.
  • Over level 50, a players with negative rank can lose items if he/she die. You can prevent it with Lucy's Ring, which if you wear and die, then your caracter will drop this ring.
  • Zen bean can increase our rank points with 500 (right-click to activate). It works only at negative rank. The rank will zero after a Zen Bean using if rank points are between -500 and 0.

Rank loss because of the group

If more players develope in a group (party), and one of them kill someone in "free" mode, then all the members of the group will lose rank points! So do not pick a quarrel with anybody because you can cause damage to other player on the group, and if one member of the group start to be naughty, then you shall say to him/her, or leave the group if you do not want to lose rank points.

The ranks

Name of rank Rank points
Chivalric 12000 - 20000
Noble 8000 - 11999
Good 4000 - 7999
Friendly 1000 - 3999
Neutral 0 - 999
Aggressive (-1) - (-3999)
Fraudulent (-4000) - (-7999)
Malicious (-8000) - (-11999)
Cruel (-12000) - (-20000)

Why should it be positive?

  • If you have better rank, the drop will be better.
Rank Item drop increases
Chivalric +5%
Noble +4%
Good +3%
Friendly +2%
Neutral +1%

Why should not it be negative?

  • Over level 50, if somebody has negative rank, then he/she can lose items in case of death.
  • If you have Lucy Ring, then it will dropped from you, not other items.
  • Fugitive's Cape can hide your negative rank.
Rank Chance to lose items from inventory Possible number of dropped item from inventory Chance to lose items from your character Possible number of dropped item from your character
Aggressive 20% 1-5 5% 1
Neutral 30% 1-10 10% 2
Malicious 40% 1-20 30% 3
Cruel 80% 1-40 40% 4

Tips to increase rank points

  • Rank points increase mainly if you kill monsters on the neutral maps, but there is some important things which are worth watching. Fitst the level of the monsters and your character. If the difference is more then 10, you rank will not increase!
  • Under level 50 you can not lose items. In this case, if you can do it, then leave your character in a neutral area until you are at school or work, or when you are sleeping. From 10 p.m. to 4 p.m., a 4 hours Symbol can increase the points even with 8000 toward zero.
  • On neutral regions, rank points increase faster, so it is worth to use the symbol in such places. For example, if you know you have to go for few hours, then put everything in the storeroom and (EVERYTHING!) and leave the character for example in the desert with a Symbol and a Fugitive's Cape. The rank points will increase with 2880 under this time, which is not negligible.
  • Over level 50, it is worth to keep this items in your inventory, you can not know, when you will need it.


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