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Név oldat.jpg Change of Name 20000 DC You can change your character's name with this item, if you aren't married, in a guild or a group. You can change name after 15 days again. Your name can be maximum 12 characters! Not tradable!
Birodalmak oldata.jpg Elixir of Empires 8000 DC If your character is not married and does not have a guild then you can be exiled to another empire, if you are rich (500.000 yang). You can change empire after 7 days again.
Utod gyürü.jpg Guild Leader Ring 6500 DC Gives the Guild Leader the ability to pass the leadership to an other member.
Karakter visszaállító.jpg Character Restore Scroll 1500 DC Resets your character to its default status and type, so you can reupgrade it.
Teleport gyűrű.jpg Teleportation Ring 1400 DC It’s like a teleporter, but always at hand, you can teleport with it to many places in Mt2Master world!
Tárgy elvarázsolás.jpg 6th-7th Bonus Upgrade 900 DC Plus bonus upgrade, 100% success!
Tulszárnyaló tárgy.jpg 6th-7th Bonus Trade 600 DC Replace 6th–7th bonus upgrade!
Karakter nemváltoztató tekercs.jpg Character Sex Changing Scroll 600 DC This magic item changes your characters sex. You can change sex after 3 days again. Not tradable!
Alapkőitem.jpg Simple Stones, 10 pieces 500 DC For building up a guild!
Törzsitem.jpg Wood Trunks, 10 pieces 500 DC For building up a guild!
Furnérlemezitem.jpg Wood Planks, 10 pieces 500 DC For building up a guild!
Vezér könyve.jpg Leaders Book 500 DC When the team leader uses it, it will give a 30% boost to experience gain.
Eljegyzési gyűrű.jpg Wedding Ring 300 DC Couples which tend to get married will need this ring. Give it to the Old Woman! Tradable!
Metin kő iránytű.jpg Meteor Compas 200 DC Direct you towards the nearest Meteor Stone! It has six charges!
Vi sszaszállító tekercs.jpg Return Scroll 200 DC This item warps you to a previously selected place. 10 pieces.
Megáldó márvány.jpg 5th Bonus Add-on! 150 DC 5th bonus add-on!
Betekintés üvege.jpg Glass of Insight 50 DC With it, you can show an item from your inventory to another player. The glass will break during the process. Applicable with Alt + Click on the item while the chat window is open. Not tradable!


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