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Support in a few words!

We only accept complaints from accounts which are registered to the same email address. We do not except excuses like: "... i can't remember the email address of my another account and that's why i'm writing from this one..." etc. Therefore we can send reply only to the e-mail address which belong to your current account.

Forgot your username or password or you have any problem with account activation?

On the الصفحة الرئيسية of the website, with your username and e-mail you can request a new password! Under the “Log in” search for “Forgotten password and account activation” button. There you can enter the username and e-mail. System will send you a new password to your e-mail address shortly. It is better to choose another password not the same as you had before, because it is much safety. If you ask for more password reminder, then the last e-mail will be what you can use. The previously retrieved is no longer valid. Wait until you receive the last reminder and you will be able to ask for a new password, which you can log in on the website and you can change it at the Settings menu. Free email services can put our e-mail into the SPAM folder so check this folder too.

How to start the game?

At the Download menu you have to download NET Framework and metin2mester client. Both are needed so install both, please. It is optimal to install metin2mester client to C: drive to an M2M folder, and not on the desktop or somewhere else. The game can not run if it is in a folder that has a(n) accent/don (öüóőúéáű). After this start the game by clicking on metin2mester.exe and let the fun begin.

How to request a new user password?

Log in on the website with you username and old password. At the Settings menu you can change the password and the character delete code!


1. Unfortunately character theft increased nowadays, this is due to many people give the username and password carelessly to other players and fake GMs! DO NOT DO THIS! [GM][SGM][GA][SA] NEVER ASK FOR YOU USERNAME AND PASSWORD! IF THEY DO, THAN THEY ARE A CHEAT SCAMMER AND PLEASE REPORT THEM WITH A SCREENSHOT! Every player must keep his/her account informations a secret. The metin2mester Team will never ask for your account information and password. Never give your password to a real or fake GM, SGM, GA, it is strictly forbidden, even if they threaten you with something. (This is why account trading is not allowed.)

2. Above level 70 you can not delete a character! So think about it how you edit your character, before you reach that level.

Is it possible to change the e-mail address?

NO. We can only send codes to registered e-mail addresses, to prevent account theft. This is the only way to know who the original owner is. Everyone needs to care about his/her e-mail. We can not accept excuses like “my e-mail address is hacked”. Write down your password to a piece of paper and store it in a secret place.

I gave away my passwords, and now my stuff is gone!

A character can only be hacked, if someone has the username and password. The password is encrypted on the server, so not even the Team can see what your password is. This is what we can see as you password: *A60B1AA0B0AA484E78B5D836D8617B951CBC69DD
The only way to enter an account is if you give them your account information. Or maybe someone saw the information when you typed it in, or a fake GM can ask for it, or logged in on a website where free yang hack, free DC, free kings armor or something similar was offered. Their goal is to steal your username and password, and in 10 minutes the hacker is happily removing your items. This is not our fault. It is your duty to keep your information safe, and do not let people to fool you. So this is why we can not restore items.

User account trading, is it possible?

In metin2mester you can not sell or trade your account. If you do, then it is your responsibility. The Team will not restore lost items or refound the items, because you broke the rules.


Quote of the Rules: 7.b. Selling user accounts and items

• Selling user accounts, items or in game money (yang) for real life money is forbidden. • Ordering DC for others (e.g. rewarding a player) is NOT forbidden; though metin2mester will not take any kind of responsibility if abuse happens.

Please accept the above rules.

Error/failure at Premium SMS order!

For the sake of fast costumer support, answer the following questions:

When did you send the text message?

From what kind of phone number did you sent the message?

What was the content of the message?

Did you receive any prepaid code?

If yes, what was it?

I bought a special item from the Item Shop, how do I get to it?

The most items from the Item Shop will appear in your Item Shop Store after the buying. But special items (double yang drop rate, thief’s gloves, EXP ring etc.) will automatically be in your account, all of your character on that account will receive the bonus. On the top right corner of your screen you can track the remaining time of the duration. You need to restart the game after purchase.

What can I do if I got it in text message: "This service does not support accented text and binary messages. Please check and repeat the request!""

The binary encoding is rejected due SMS is not arrive to premium rate service provider, so you do not pay for that. The phone should be set so that no binary encoding of SMS to send.If you can not settings you have to go to phone provider and tell to them that you can not send any text message to premium rate phone number and you received this text message reply. In this case they will set your phone and the send is working.

If metin2mester.bin is missing, what do I do?

If someone gets the error message saying metin2mester.bin is missing, try the following two steps! 1. Look at the path which shows up in the error window! If one of the folders to the path has a(n) accent/dot (öüóőúéáű) than that is the problem. 2.Reinstall the game or unpack it again to a folder that has no accent/dot.


Correct path: c:\games\metin2mester
Correct path: d:\program files\metin2mester
Correct path: e:\m2m

Incorrect path: c:\játékok\metin2mester
Incorrect path: d:\games\metin2mesterjáték
Incorrect path: e:\mtkettőmaster\

How to upload a picture?

Push the „Print Screen” button (keyboard: in the upper-right corner) and in that moment a picture will made and it will saved to metin2mester Screenshot folder. Open one upload picture webside (for example: Click on „upload now” and browse your picture. Wait until your picture upload. After send this picture to our support.


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