Guild War (Arena Fight)

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If you are a Guild leader, you can start a war with another guild which is in your Empire or in another Empire to prove that your guild is the best and strongest. To start a war, you need a guild with 8 members at least.

If a guild want to fight in Arena War, then the 2 guilds will teleported to this map. This is a special map. If your enemy accepted your challenge, you can enter here with a quest scroll. During a war, the guild members who are developing and do not fight, will not get EXP.

That Guild will win:

  • which will kill first 100 enemys, or
  • which will kill more enemys in 1 hour, or
  • if all members of some guild leave the war, then the war will finish in 1 minute.

Semleges zaszlo.png Guild War (Arena Fight)

Arena harc.jpg

Adjacent areas To reach by means of the Old Man To reach over Teleporter
  • -
  • -
  • -
Ores Meteors
  • -
  • -
Area Maps:
Area Map MOB Meteors
Cehhaboru arena map1.jpg [[Fájl:|260px]] [[Fájl:|260px]]


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