Guild War (Flag Fight)

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If you are a Guild leader, you can start a war with another guild which is in your Empire or in another Empire to prove that your guild is the best and strongest.To start a war, you need a guild with 8 members at least.

If your enemy accepted your challenge, you can enter into this map where flag guild war is. The aim is to get the enemy’s flag and take to your own place. Who picked the flag up that can move slower than another guild members, so their task is to protect the flag bearer and do not lose that. If it happens, then the enemy has a chance to get the flag and take it to own place. The Flag Fight lasts till one guild takes the flag 10 times to its own place successfully.

Semleges zaszlo.png Guild War (Flag Fight)

Zaszloswar fejlec.jpg

Adjacent areas To reach by means of the Old Man To reach over Teleporter
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Ores Meteors
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Area Maps:
Area Map MOB Meteors
Cehhaboru zaszlo map1.jpg [[Fájl:|260px]] [[Fájl:|260px]]


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