Crazy Minotaur Run

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- lvl 116
- minimum 3 and maximum 8 players in a group
- ticket: one Blue King Seal per player (Blue King Seal is available in the Item Shop, tradable)

Entering by DragonGod Shop NPC in the Minotaur's Cave. The leader of the group can start the run. The time of the run is maximum 45 minutes.

First you will find yourself on an intermediate map. The system is checking if you have a Blue King Seal or not and there are enough characters in the group. If every conditional is OK, you will teleport to the run.

When you are on the run, you can see a Summoner. The leader of the group can start the run with the help of this NPC. You have 3 minutes to start the fight.

On the run, you have 4 tasks!

  • 1st task: Kill the Gold Frogs and make disappear the columns!

Frogs (lvl 100) can drop Jewel which contain a letter. You have to take it to the correct column and drag on it. Look! There are 5 letters which come from a word! If every column disappeared, next task will come.

  • 2nd task: Kill the correct meteors!

You can see 2 meteors, blue (lvl 100) and red (lvl 100). Blue meteor is the even, red is the odd number. You have to choose! If you choose the correct Meteor Stone 3 times, you will get to the next level.

  • 3rd task: Kill the Bosses!

Kill the following Bosses: Chief Elite Orc (lvl 50), Dark Queen Spider (lvl 97), Elite Nine Tails (lvl 97) and Blue Death (lvl 97)! Each drop Summoning Stone which you have to take to the Minotaur statue and drag on it. If the statue disappear, next level will come.

  • 4th task: Kill the Crazy Minotaur King!

Kill the Crazy Minotaur King (lvl 130) and his mates (lvl 129)! If you have done it succesfully, the Dragon God's Messenger will come to you and give everybody one Soul Point and 40 million EXP (after level 190, the run does not give EXP, only one Soul Point)! Hereby the run is ended and you will get back to your main city!

On map1 you can find Travelling Mage NPC who sell Minotaur's items in exchange for Soul Points!!! You can upgrade these items with the help of Sapphire (tradable)! Use Magic Stone and the upgrade will be 100% successful!! You can upgrade Wu Zhein items on level +9 to Minotaur items on level +0 with the help of Soul Hammer!

Attention! Minotaur Run has lots of bug as DT run. Everybody use the run at one's own risk!!!! This means that we can't compensate the ticket (Blue King Seal) if the run was unsuccessful! If you go to the run with same group several time, please delete and remake the group before every run!


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