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  • This Combo skill helps to hit 1 or 2 more and after the increased series hits, helps to push your enemy from yourself.
  • You can use 3 books for develop of Combo:
Picture Name
Combo1.jpg Combo Mastery
Combo2.jpg Combo Master Book
Combo3.jpg Art of Combo
  • The maximum level now: 2
  • You can develop first Combo from lvl 30, second Combo from lvl 50

  • It can work on other way in case of classes:
    • With Ninja, Sura, Warrior sword, you can hit 6 instead of 4.
    • With Warrior two-handed, you can hit 6 instead of 4.
    • With Shaman bell and fan, you can hit 6 instead of 4.
    • With Ninja dagger, you can hit 10 instead of 6. It can be possible, if a Ninja use the combo, then the server will disconnect it.
  • Ninja can not use the Combe with Bow, because it does not have hit series, so do not have anything to grow.


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