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Necessary items for marriage

Picture Name Where can you get it? Short description
Szmoking.jpg Tuxedo You can buy it at Wandering Peddler on map2, but not in the village.

2.000.000 Yang

This dress can be used for men.
Menyasszonyi ruha.jpg Wedding Dress You can buy it at Wandering Peddler on map2, but not in the village.

2.500.000 Yang

Ladies can wear this dress.
Csokor.jpg Bouquet You can buy it at Wandering Peddler on map2, but not in the village.

100.000 Yang

This not required to buy for wedding, so just a decoration.
Jeggyuru.jpg Engagement Ring Reward of "Defeat Jin-Hee!" mission. This item should be for newly-weds to become spouses.

(2 pieces)

These items are tradable, so you can buy them from another players too. Other criterion:

  • Both parties have to have at least level 25.
  • The difference between the two parties can be max 15 levels.

General informations

Engagement Ring will be Wedding Ring after the merriage, which the pairs can be warp together with, if they are on same channel. These rings do not work at few maps (e.g.: SD2, DT, etc). The warping costs many SP. In addition, after the marriage, above the friend list you will see a list of "Family", where the name of your sweetheart is and if you move the mouse to his/her name, the points of love will appear. The pairs will receive 50% Love Points, and the points will increasing constantly. Love points will increase if the 2 character develop together. The love ponits are importatnt only because of items which are in Marriage category in the Item Shop.


If you rejected Old Lady's mission, in which Engagement Ring can be the reward and there is no money to buy ring from somebody, you can start a new character, development to level 25 and complete this mission.

The course of wedding

1. The pair who wants to get married, go to Old Lady. The female character wears a Wedding Dress, and she has an Engagement Ring in the inventory. The male character wears a tuxedo and he has a Engagement Ring in the inventory too, and 1.000.000 Yang.

2. The male character clicks on the Old Lady and selects the option in the menu which starts the wedding. Then he has to enter the bride's name (small and capital letter matters!), and then the bride has 30 seconds to type the name of the male character in the little window.

3. After that, the newly-weds get to the Wedding map, where you can find the Wedding Organizer. You have to confirm the marriage at her with same mode as at the Old Lady (entering the character names).

4. After the wedding, the couple has Wedding Rings in their inventory, which you can be put to a hotkey or you can click on it in the inventory to teleport to your wife/husband. One teleport is cost 400 SP.


This should not be so, because if you has got married, you should not divorce. You can get divorced in the city at the Guardian. If a partner want to divorce alone, She/he has to pay 1 000.000 Yang, if it is based on mutual agreement, then they have to pay 500.000 Yang per head. Mutual agreement means that both character are at the Guardian. After the divorce, the "Family" section and the Wedding ring will disappear. If the divorce is one-sided then the ring remains at that player who does not pay the price of divorce.


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